SEO of website and image optimization


SEO optimized website page is a combination of literate content and graphic images. To increase the level of optimization for both resource visitors and search algorithms, it is necessary to take care of the proper placement and decoration of the image and photo.

What does SEO optimization of graphic material give?

Photos, pictures and other graphic elements are present on almost every page on the network, and therefore must obey the general rules of design. Properly placed and decorated images increase not only the relevance of the resource, raise positions in the search results, but also add traffic, thanks to getting into the search results of such systems as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Image compression and downsizing

The size of the graphic material for the site page is important - too small images (up to 150 pixels) of the system may not be recognized. It would seem that the larger the image or photo, the better. But too large pictures reduce the page loading speed, which is regarded by search algorithms as a harm to the resource.

Compression of images for the correct display on the website can be performed using the tool for SEO image optimization. It will allow you to compress any image to the desired size in order to organize a quick page load.

You can also use the preview image by posting a link to the original image.

Proper placement of pictures on the page

Placing images in addition to the text content of the page increases the value of the resource in terms of search algorithms. The picture may refer to the text or only parts of it and, depending on the placement, be evaluated differently. Therefore, it is recommended to place graphic materials as close as possible to the text, and even better - surrounded by text that has a direct bearing on the image in the picture.

Recognition of images by search engines is greatly facilitated by their location in the text. If the content of the text is directly related to the content of the image, the relevance of the page will be higher.

Captions and explanations under the images

One of the clever ways to increase page optimization was the captions under the pictures, with a small amount of text on the page. Correctly selected signatures and explanations, saturated with keywords, will indicate the theme of the image, suitable for the general content of the page. To enhance the effect, you can use the tools alt and title for SEO image optimization on the site.

Image attributes on the site page

Alt attribute

This tool is a description of the image in the alternative, it contains information about the image in case the user has turned off the display of graphic elements in the browser or the download was completed with errors.

Filling the attribute will increase the relevance of the page, if the information is presented correctly and reliably. The optimal size of the text when filling is 60 characters.

Title attribute

The tool is a pop-up text when you hover over the image of the cursor. The information in the tag differs from the text of the alt attribute and enhances the recognition of the contents of the image by search robots.

SEF URLs - what is it and how to get it?

Image optimization for searching can be performed by any available methods and the SEF URL is one of them. The human-readable url, hidden behind the abbreviation, associates the name of the image with its obsessed person. For example, if the image has a red rose, then the name of the file krasnaya-rosa.ipg will significantly increase the information content of the URL for both users and search tools.

Choosing the right image file format

The combination of the size and quality of the image on the website page and its volume in kilobytes largely determines the file format. The most optimal for the work of web resources are .png, .gif and of course .jpg. They are initially optimized and combine good quality with a small file weight.

Choosing the right format and image size can increase site traffic, because good quality pictures open quickly and do not slow down the page. You can optimize images using , which will have a positive effect on SEO page promotion.

What is SEO optimized image?

There is nothing difficult in the SEO image optimization - filled tags, simple and clear CNC, optimal sizes, which can be achieved on . Using these simple tools, additional optimized content on the page is provided, and the site increases its relevance and traffic when images hit the relevant sections of the Yandex and Google output.