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Image compression price
One-time payment — no monthly payments!

10 MB


Up to 200 MB

free special offer

100 MB


2 GB


4 GB


8 GB


16 GB


32 GB


64 GB


128 GB


128+ GB


50% discount for non-commercial projects

For non-commercial projects, we provide service at special prices. To provide special prices write to us at with the reference to the project and email, to which your account is registered in our service.

Terms of Use

  1. You only pay for the volume saved by compressing images. For example, the service reduced the image size from 200 KB to 120 KB. After this operation 80 KB are debited from your account.
  2. The service provides a free package with a limit of 10 MB intended for testing and checking the service conformity to the customers’ expectations.
  3. The further use of service is possible after purchasing paid packages that extend the service usage limit. Your account balance must be positive for the correct service operation.
  4. Purchased paid packages are not refundable. Therefore, we strongly recommend to get familiar with the service operation in the free mode before purchasing the package (see Para. 1).
  5. With an extensive use of the service the purchased packages are valid for an unlimited period of time. Except for the case when your account has been inactive for more than 180 days (that is, no compression was performed during 180 days).
  6. In case of running out of the package limit (or at any other time) you can purchase an additional package; new packages are added to the unspent limit.