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All known CMS and frameworks, as well as self-made sites in PHP are supported. Connect our module to your site and it will find and compress all the images on your site.

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Owners of sites

Connect to your OptiPic sites - the service will automatically find and compress all images practically without your participation. This will speed up your site. So it will increase conversion, behavioral factors and positions in Top.


Are you working on developing and maintaining websites? Introduce OptiPic to your customers and managers and earn with us. Connect all your sites to OptiPic and get plenty of spare time for more interesting tasks.


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Designers and photographers

Do you often deal with large images of several MB? Use OptiPic to compress images online for free. This will save space on the disk or any external storage.

How much do we charge for image compression?

One-time payment — no monthly fees!

10 MB


Up to 200 MB

Special offer

100 MB


2 GB


4 GB


Features and Benefits

Speed up your site loading

Image compression accelerates the site performance according to Google PageSpeed Insights. Besides, our experts are willing to accelerate the entire site for you.

Automatic compression

The process is fully automated. Just connect your site to our service and the system will search for all images and compress them on its own.

Monitoring changes

The service will constantly look for changed and newly added images and put them in the queue for compression.

Easy connection

It's easy to connect to any site in PHP. The service supports all known CMS and frameworks, as well as self-designed sites in PHP.

Excellent compression

Choose whatever is necessary for you: either compressing images without losing in quality or getting the maximum compression of up to 98% but with worse image quality.


Set the maximum possible width and height. And the images will be resized proportionally according to the maximum length to the specified sizes.

Saving originals

The service works absolutely safely and carefully. When compressing images on the site, their original versions are saved next to the original file. Also you might choose the option of saving it in our Cloud.

Free integration assistance

Having questions about connecting to the site? Free of charge we will help you to integrate!

Free Demo

Upon your registration, you will get 10MB on your account. You will also be able to compress images through the web interface a single item at once with no restrictions.

Progresive JPEG

OptiPic makes jpeg progressive — this is an additional acceleration of loading jpeg

Special offers and discounts

We always have special offers and provide discounts for our customers. Tell your friends, partners and customers about us and get your bonuses.

Affiliate program

Introduce us to your customers and get regular commission from all purchases of attracted customers.