Using OptiPic is completely safe

We are very sensitive to the security of the connected sites. Below are the measures we took to ensure the security of our plug-in.

Compliance with OWASP security standards

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an open project for securing Web applications. The OWASP community includes corporations, educational organizations and individuals from around the world. The community is working on the creation of articles, manuals, documentation, tools and technologies that are freely available. The project participants have been compiling a list of Top 10 most dangerous vulnerabilities in web applications for 10 years, trying to attract the attention of all web developers.

We have developed additional internal security principles for our plug-in

In addition to web application security standards, our team has developed additional security principles:

  • The module has only a limited set of commands - to get a list of all the pictures on the site, to compress a certain picture, to return the original pictures, to remove the original pictures. OptiPic does not perform any other actions.
  • Even that limited set of commands can only be performed by passing a special secret key. For each site, this key is unique (even within 1 account). It is generated automatically and it is very long. Therefore, picking it up is an impossible task to perform - it would take trillions of years with the speed of selection of 10 million busts per second.

We have opened the source code of the plugin

We do not hide anything - the source code is open, and you can see for yourself that it is safe.

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