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Connect your site to OptiPic, you will get a fully automated system that constantly monitors the structure of your site, finds new and modified images, and compresses them.

How automatic image compression works in OptiPic

To organize an uninterrupted and automatic process of image search and compression, we have identified two subsystems.


An indexer is a robot that wraps itself in a complete profile and collects a complete up-to-date list of images on the site and stores it in its database. If the index has found a new image, it will add it to its index. If the index found a modified image, it will mark in the index that the image has changed since the last compression. As a result, the index collects into the database of your site with a list of all the images on it.


A compressor is a robot that analyzes the database of your site and compresses still uncompressed images.

If the compressor finds a new image in the index of your site - it compresses it. If the compressor finds a modified image, it compresses it.

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