Features and Benefits

Accelerating site load

Image compression accelerates the site according to Google PageSpeed Insights. In addition, our specialists are ready to conduct a comprehensive site acceleration.

Automatic compression

Fully automated process. Simply connect the site to the service and the system will itself search for all images and compress them.

Monitoring changes

The service will constantly look for changed and newly added images and put them in the queue for compression.

Easy connection

It's easy to connect to any site in PHP. It supports all known CMS and frameworks, as well as self-signed sites in PHP.

Excellent compression

Choose to your taste - compression of pictures without loss of quality, or with loss of quality but maximum compression efficiency up to 98%.

Resize (decrease)

Enter the maximum possible width and height. And the images will be reduced along the maximum side to the specified sizes.

Saving originals

The service works absolutely safely and carefully. When compressing images on the site, their original versions are saved near.

Free integration assistance

Having questions about connecting to the site? Free of charge we will help you to integrate!

Free Demo

After registration, you get 10MB to your account. And one by one to compress images through the web interface you can without restrictions.

Flexible pricing

Choose what you are more comfortable paying for - for efficiency or for traffic. Without regular payments.

Promotions and discounts

We constantly hold unique promotions and provide discounts. Recommend us to your friends, partners, and customers — get bonuses.

Affiliate program

Attract customers and get commission from all purchases of attracted customers on an ongoing basis.

Compress JPG

OptiPic allows you to compress jpeg images in automatic or manual mode.

Compress PNG

OptiPic allows you to compress png images in automatic or manual mode.

Batch compress

Compress all images on your website in just 2 clicks

Loseless optimization

OptiPic supports the loseless optimization of images.