Optimizing images according to Google Pagespeed Insights

Google Pagespeed Insights — tool for analyzing the speed of the site load. The results of its verification show that what can be improved on the site in order to speed up its download.

One of the key Google Pagespeed Insights checks is whether the images on the page being scanned are optimized. A simpler language is whether images are compressed.

Why is image optimization important for Google Pagespeed Insights?

The site page usually consists of:

  • html code (text and page layout).
  • javascript files (logic executed on the browser side).
  • css styles
  • Images

If you look at the statistics, then the images on the page take up more data (in bytes).

For example, if all the resources on a page are 10MB, then the images on it can be up to 8MB. If you reduce the amount of uploaded images, then the page load will greatly accelerate.

What is image optimization?

Optimizing (compressing) an image is such an image processing, as a result of which the file weight (in bytes) is reduced, while the appearance of the picture and the image quality do not visually change.

The principle of image optimization is to "simplify" the colors in the image (for example, to combine similar ones), and also to remove the service information (geo-data, camera model, etc.).

What is the most simple way to optimize all images on the site?

Our service OptiPic — a simple tool for optimizing images according to Google Pagespeed Insights. It works in automatic mode - it is enough to connect your site to the service only once. Connection is very simple — takes just a couple of minutes.

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