Website speed-up

The OptiPic service allows to compress all your website images in just about 2 clicks.

Due to image compression the total data amount on a webpage (in Bytes) is significantly reduced. For example, the total webpage size can be compressed from 20 MB to 2 MB. These 2 MB are loaded much faster than the previous 20 MB.

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Front-end website speed-up (client speed-up)

In addition to image compression the front-end website speed-up can be achieved by optimizing other components:

Back-end website speed-up (server speed-up)

The back-end speed-up is aimed to minimize the time of webpage generation by the server. It is usually achieved by the following methods:

OptiPic specialists know all about speed-up procedure and can help you to boost your website performance in an integrated manner. Сontact us if you need to extremely speed up your website.

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OptiPic supports all popular CMS and frameworks