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Website loading Speed at CakePHP is an important criterion of a website’s success. First and foremost the acceleration of a site automatically increases its conversion.
And it directly helps improve the main business objective of a website which is to generate more leads and more sales.

Accelerate CakePHP and increase conversion up to 30%

Studies show that when a site is accelerated by only 100 milliseconds, the conversion gets increased by 5%. By 2.4% on desktop devices and by 7.1% on mobile devices.

Acceleration by 1 second increases the conversion rate by 20%.

Acceleration by 2 seconds increases conversion by 30%.

Improve position in the TOP by accelerating CakePHP

Moreover, there is an additional advantage. Speed of CakePHP is directly related to behavioral factors that adversely affect the ranking of a website in search results.

If you increase the download speed of CakePHP, this will reduce the probability of failure, visitors will perceive the site more positively, they will spend more time on your website. All of this will be highly estimated by search engines in their score results.

Image optimization is the most simple and effective method to speed up CakePHP

By optimizing the images it is possible to significantly reduce the total amount of data (in bytes) that is loaded on the page. For example, total page size is reduced to 2 MB from 20 MB. Page capacity of 2 MB will load much faster than the previous version of the page with a volume of 20 MB. This is exactly how CakePHP download is accelerated. - the easiest way to optimize images in CakePHP

Our service allows you to automate routine and labor-intensive task of compressing and optimizing images. The connection to the website takes literally 2 minutes. And everything works automatically - all you need is to configure compression settings only once.

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How to get started with OptiPic service for CakePHP for image compression?

One-time payment — no monthly fees
The purchased package does not burn out at the end of the month - it is advantageous to purchase it several months in advance

You pay for views from CDN images. The total cost of use depends on the amount of traffic to your site. On average, this is from $1.5 per 1,000,000 image views.
The first demo of 100,000 views is free.

$10.00 $5.00


$14.00 $7.00


$24.00 $12.00


$40.00 $20.00


$74.00 $37.00


$165.00 $82.00


$235.00 $117.00


$282.00 $141.00

Features and Benefits

Image compression accelerates the site performance according to Google PageSpeed Insights. Besides, our experts are willing to accelerate the entire site for you.

The process is fully automated. Just connect your site to our service and the system will search for all images and compress them on its own.

Using OptiPic is completely safe and transparent thanks to a set of measures: OWASP, security key, strictly limited set of commands, open source.

The service will constantly look for changed and newly added images and put them in the queue for compression.

It's easy to connect to any site in PHP. The service supports all known CMS and frameworks, as well as self-designed sites in PHP.

Choose whatever is necessary for you: either compressing images without losing in quality or getting the maximum compression of up to 98% but with worse image quality.

Set the maximum possible width and height. And the images will be resized proportionally according to the maximum length to the specified sizes.

The service works absolutely safely and carefully. When compressing images on the site, their original versions are saved next to the original file. Also you might choose the option of saving it in our Cloud.

Having questions about connecting to the site? Free of charge we will help you to integrate!

Upon your registration, you will get 10MB on your account. You will also be able to compress images through the web interface a single item at once with no restrictions.

OptiPic makes jpeg progressive — this is an additional acceleration of loading jpeg

We always have special offers and provide discounts for our customers. Tell your friends, partners and customers about us and get your bonuses.

How to increase the speed of CakePHP on the front-end side (client acceleration)


In addition to compressing the acceleration images CakePHP on the front-end side, one can also achieve through the optimization of other components:

  • Caching of static files on the server side (images, css, js).
  • Combining css.
  • Compressing css.
  • Joining js.
  • Compression js.
  • Transferring css and js to the bottom of the html code page.
  • Disabling unnecessary scripts and widgets.

Accelerating the download CakePHP on the back-end (server acceleration)

Server-side acceleration is the goal of minimizing page generation time by the server. This is usually promoted by the following methods:

  • Changing the hosting or server to a more powerful one
  • Optimization of web server settings (apache, nginx, php-fpm).
  • Optimize the settings for mysql (or another sub-site that the site uses).
  • Caching database queries.
  • Caching queries against third-party APIs.
  • Caching of everything that is possible (Composite site technology and the like)
  • Refactoring and optimization of php-code logic.

The OptiPic experts know all the subtleties of acceleration and are ready to tackle the complex acceleration of your site. Contact us if you need the maximum acceleration of your site.

OptiPic allows you to speed up all CMS, frameworks and self-signed sites
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