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If you are looking for a tool for compressing jpeg (jpg) images, the OptiPic service is exactly what you need!

Automatic compression of jpg images

OptiPic service helps to fully automate the compression of jpeg images (png as well). Setting up automatic jpg image compression on your website is a really simple thing - it takes only 5 minutes.

Follow these 4 steps: set up automatic compression of jpg images

  1. Sign up our site.
  2. Install module to your website.
  3. Add a site in your personal account
  4. Refund your account and choose most suitable package.

Learn more about automatic compression with OptiPic in this article.

Checkout the efficiency of jpeg compression, it is absolutely free of charge and registration.

Manual compression of JPG images

You can manually compress jpg images with OptiPic free of charge. To do this, use web interface.

Check how simple it is

Check whether your website images are compressed

To get easy access to our service — install our plugin for Google Chrome

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How to get started with OptiPic for image compression?

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