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Web development allows creating sites of increasing complexity with lots of animation, music and videos. However, search engines require resources page to load fast regardless of high-speed connection.

The highest demands on connection speed are brought by multimedia elements — videos, music and images. The latter are present on almost every site as design elements or illustration of the proposed goods and services.

Google standards for best display sites in search results requires image optimization. Sites that with slow loading, are automatically ranked lower in the results. Manual optimization is time consuming, so the webmasters often do not do it, losing positions in search results.

Furthermore, the tests have shown that users leave pages that take too long to load. Sometimes 2-3 seconds become critical for the purchase or order of services. So, for business, the client will be lost just because of slow website loading.

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OptiPic service enables automatic loseless image compression. A method of optimizing an size of the image without any visual change in it is called loseless compression.

In fact, the image on the website can store lots of additional data: information about the camera that was used for taking a picture, date of shooting and modification, the terms of shooting, geographic coordinates, etc. All this information can be deleted without affecting the picture, reducing its size.

Image Compression without loss of quality performed by OptiPic service is based on the similar principle. It works with JPG and PNG images, which are most common on the Internet.

Automatic loseless compression of images

OptiPic plugin for loseless image compression is capable of working in batch mode. This means that it is enough to upload the plugin and it will automatically start optimizing the pictures available on a website.

OptiPic is suitable for all CMS platforms that are on the market today. PHP loseless image compression does not require special knowledge, so even a website owner or a content manager can do that. No programming or server administrating skills are required to connect OptiPic to a website.

Compressing images online without loss of quality can be carried out on the sites without the established system of site management. The most important is for the hosting to support the execution of PHP scripts.

Why is it beneficial to set up loseless image compression with OptiPic?

When creating and developing a website one should necessarily use the tools to compress images without losing quality. Installation and setting up of OptiPic plugin does not take much time, but substantially relieves the webmasters’ work.

After images undergo loseless compression the websites are downloaded faster in both the desktop and mobile environments. OptiPic is suitable for online stores, allowing customers to quickly find information about products. It also suits news sites, due to good compression reducing the size of the page. It is a great helpful tool for directory listings, real estate directories, social media.

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