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Modern websites are 90% made up from various pictures, photographs and illustrations. Due to low Internet connection speed only text-sites were popular in the past years, but now each and every site uses multimedia content to its fullest.

However, the abundance of images brings up the main problem — it takes sites a long time to open not only during use of the mobile Internet, but also with wired access. Recent research in usability field has shown that users are not willing to wait for the page to load and easily give up the "heavy" sites in favor of fast sites.

Requirement for image size optimization is written in the recommendations of search engines. For example, this is required by Google. As a reward, the search engine rank fast websites higher in the search results. Therefore, this element of website optimization is often used in terms of SEO.

What is batch compression of images?

A batch compression means that the operation to optimize the size of the files will be held for all available images. No need to manually select files or specify them in the parameters. The program or plugin independently will find pictures and perform the necessary operations.

An example of batch processing may be any antivirus which checks all the files on your computer for viruses or malicious software.

Batch compression for all

The program of batch compression of photos is often used by professional web developers. Usually, it is installed on a computer, taking up space on its hard drive and requiring specific knowledge. At the same time the batch compression of photos can significantly slow down the computer operations and the user will have to interrupt other work.

Moreover, one has to load the images from the site to the computer, process them and then upload them back. Besides, it is necessary to observe the structure of the resource, placing images in the correct folders, otherwise the site might not be displayed correctly. And in some online stores the number of images can exceed tens of thousands. And constant adding to the range of goods just generates new images that need optimization.

OptiPic service produces a batch compression in the "cloud" space, without affecting the processing power of the hosting. At the same time the website performs its operations as usual and remains available for visitors. Images are transmitted to the cloud through API, are optimized in the background, and then downloaded back to the site.

Batch image compression with OptiPic service is suitable for all sites and CMS. It is enough to have a hosting with support of PHP scripts. The installation of the plugin and its configuration require just a few clicks.

Nowadays batch compression of jpg and png images is becoming a requirement for websites. Removal of unnecessary information from images and photos allows reducing their size but keeping their quality. This optimization helps reduce the page loading time.

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