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The 1 C-Bitrix system is considered to be one of the most popular not only on the Russian market, but also among foreign developers. It offers the convenience of site maintenance and flexibility of settings.

The 1 C-Bitrix system is used by sites of diverse complexity: news agency sites, business card sites, social media sites, e-stores and etc. However, over time the pages are loaded more slowly.

The core of the problem is Bitrix image optimization which is not performed by the CMSown means and has to be fulfilled by the third-party tools. In order to make pictures occupy less disk space and get loaded faster one should use a plugin to optimize images in Bitrix. The solution for that is OptiPic plugin.

Website image optimization in Bitrix through OptiPic allows accelerating the website loading by 2-3 times. Practice has shown that the resources do load faster, which is confirmed by the users themselves. This is especially critical for online stores and catalogs, because the customers might not wait for the page to load and leave for the online competitors.

Image compression in Bitrix

OptiPic plugin for image compression in Bitrix is built on an algorithm that identifies the technical data in the image file and removes them. These data do not affect the quality and external view of the picture, but nevertheless affect its size. In some cases, technical data take up to 90% of the file size.

That is the reason why OptiPic plugin is used for image compression in Bitrix. The average image reduction is 70%. Besides, plugin needs to be setup once and afterwards it keeps working both with the pictures that are already available on the site and with the newly uploaded ones.

Website image compression in Bitrix runs in the background and does not require large computing power. Nothing changes for the website visitors apart from accelerated web page loading. Administrators will be able to see how the plug-in frees up space on the hard disk of the server by reducing the size of images.

The optimization of pictures in Beatrix will no longer require manual administrator intervention. OptiPic plugin should be setup once and then all necessary operations will be performed automatically.

What is image compression

Image optimization is special processing of a graphic file in order to minimize its size without loss of visual quality.

To carry out this procedure, there are a large number of fairly complex algorithms. However, they are all based on the same basis - all the service data there (for example, the name of the program that stores the file, etc.) must be removed from the graphic file, and also, using special programs, merge / smooth similar colors.

As a result, we get the same image, which visually has not changed. However, the volume (weight) of this file in bytes will be much less than the original. If this processing is carried out correctly, the image file can be reduced to 98% without losing image quality.

This means that the pictures on the pages of the site will be loaded many times faster after the optimization.

What will optimize images for your site

  • Save disk space.
  • Speed ​​up page loading.
  • Minimum server load.
  • Increase conversion.
  • Better site ranking for search results.

It has been proven that website acceleration can improve behavioral factors, as well as increase website conversion (increase sales). The longer the page of the site loads, the fewer customers will be able to perform certain target actions there. If your site on the Internet will not work fast enough, you have every chance to miss your potential income. Acceleration of the online resource will provide an opportunity to improve the conversion and due to this significantly increase revenue and attract more customers.

OptiPic Benefits

  • There are no monthly payments.
  • Full Automation.
  • Free connection assistance.
  • The Internet address (URL) of the compressed images does not change, they will continue to be stored on your site.
  • To connect and use the service, you do not need to have special skills in programming or administration.
  • There are no restrictions on image size in the system.
  • Friendly technical support.

How can optimizing images for speed up a site?


A page of any site most often consists of:

  • images;
  • html-code (text content, layout, markup);
  • video;
  • javascript scripts with logic running from the browser;
  • css files with page styles.

Such an item as an image occupies most of the entire volume on the site’s pages and is the “heaviest” part of the pages. Reduction (optimization) of images will undoubtedly significantly make it faster to download any online resource.


Accordingly, if you change (down) the size of the images, all pages of the site will start loading much faster.

Compressing the images on the site will make it possible to reduce their volume to 75-98%, without losing their visual quality.

Check it out — how simple it is to compress images in Bitrix

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Features and Benefits

Image compression accelerates the site performance according to Google PageSpeed Insights. Besides, our experts are willing to accelerate the entire site for you.

The process is fully automated. Just connect your site to our service and the system will search for all images and compress them on its own.

After compressing the images, they are saved to the exact same file at the same address.

Using OptiPic is completely safe and transparent thanks to a set of measures: OWASP, security key, strictly limited set of commands, open source.

The service will constantly look for changed and newly added images and put them in the queue for compression.

It's easy to connect to any site in PHP. The service supports all known CMS and frameworks, as well as self-designed sites in PHP.

Choose whatever is necessary for you: either compressing images without losing in quality or getting the maximum compression of up to 98% but with worse image quality.

Set the maximum possible width and height. And the images will be resized proportionally according to the maximum length to the specified sizes.

The service works absolutely safely and carefully. When compressing images on the site, their original versions are saved next to the original file. Also you might choose the option of saving it in our Cloud.

Having questions about connecting to the site? Free of charge we will help you to integrate!

Upon your registration, you will get 10MB on your account. You will also be able to compress images through the web interface a single item at once with no restrictions.

OptiPic makes jpeg progressive — this is an additional acceleration of loading jpeg

How does the image compression plugin work on Bitrix

The plugin scans the entire website, finds all website images and compresses them afterwards.

The module allows you to manually start compressing all images on the site (png and jpeg), or leave this process in background mode - then gradually all your pictures will be compressed automatically.

The compression quality can be adjusted in the plugin settings.

OptiPic easily integrates with other platforms