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CMS Drupal is one of the leading content management systems. It provides rich functionality for administration and development of a resource.

Unfortunately, image compression in Drupal is far from perfect. Standard plug-ins and modules cannot perform it efficiently. However, some third-party solutions are too heavy or require fine-tuning.

OptiPic plugin automates the image compression in Drupal. All the necessary procedures are performed automatically. OptiPic reduces the file size by 50-70% without image quality loss.

Image compression in Drupal helps solve one of the major problems: slow page loading. Due to technologies used by OptiPic large webpages with plenty of images can be loaded 2-3 times faster.

No special skills are required to install and configure the image compression plugin for Drupal. Both existing and freshly uploaded images will be optimized. Plug-in for image compression in Drupal processes all the available website images in the background.

Optimize your images in Drupal

Optimization of images in Drupal is performed through the removal of unnecessary technical information from files. Typically, images contain data of the technical camera features, the locations, conditions and time of editing, etc. These kinds of data are unnecessary for users but still take much disk space.

A Plugin for image optimization in Drupal removes the technical of images. It analyzes the code, finds sections with technical data and simply erases them. The process does not require much computing power from the servers and runs without problems on most hostings.

For many webmasters website image optimization in Drupal becomes a real way out of the problem. The website starts running faster, and frees up disk space for the new page. So OptiPic is a great investment in the development of the resource, which will pay off with increase in its users.

OptiPic for Drupal will allow optimizing your website in just a few clicks. Moreover, the procedure of optimizing images in Drupal will be performed for as long as possible.

How to get started with OptiPic service for Drupal for image compression?

Register and add your site to your personal account

After completing registration, you will receive an email with a link for activating your account. Follow that link. Next on our site enter your personal account Profile > My Sites click the Add Site, button, specify the URL of your site and click Connect Site. How to add a site to your OptiPic account

Download and install the plugin on your site

After your site is added to the system, go to the Download plugin tab. How to download the OptiPic integration module

There you need to download the archive with the plugin. Unpack this archive and upload it to your site (to the root folder of the site). As a result, you should see folder in the root of the site with this structure:

    • config.php
    • help.php
    • index.php

On your site after that such page should be work

Select a package and fund your account

After you upload the plugin to your site, you will need to activate the indexing of the site in the site settings and wait for the OptiPic system to perform the first indexing of your site - it will be done within 24 hours. If you want to speed up the process - manually submit your site for indexing. How to enable indexing of a site in OptiPic

After the first indexing is completed, the system will show the number of images (the number of gigabytes) that will be found on your site. You can do this on the Compression index and statistics tab. How to determine the OptiPic tariff

Now when you have the number of images on your site - purchase the package you need and start compression in the site settings. How to enable image compression in OptiPic

Check it out — how simple it is to compress images in Drupal

Check whether your website images are compressed

To get easy access to our service — install our plugin for Google Chrome

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Prices for image compression in Drupal

Use the purchased package until it is used up. Purchase additional packages if necessary.

10 MB


Up to 200 MB

Special offer

100 MB

$1.00 $0.50

1 GB

$5.00 $2.00

2 GB

$9.00 $4.00

Features and Benefits

Image compression accelerates the site performance according to Google PageSpeed Insights. Besides, our experts are willing to accelerate the entire site for you.

The process is fully automated. Just connect your site to our service and the system will search for all images and compress them on its own.

Using OptiPic is completely safe and transparent thanks to a set of measures: OWASP, security key, strictly limited set of commands, open source.

The service will constantly look for changed and newly added images and put them in the queue for compression.

It's easy to connect to any site in PHP. The service supports all known CMS and frameworks, as well as self-designed sites in PHP.

Choose whatever is necessary for you: either compressing images without losing in quality or getting the maximum compression of up to 98% but with worse image quality.

Set the maximum possible width and height. And the images will be resized proportionally according to the maximum length to the specified sizes.

The service works absolutely safely and carefully. When compressing images on the site, their original versions are saved next to the original file. Also you might choose the option of saving it in our Cloud.

Having questions about connecting to the site? Free of charge we will help you to integrate!

Upon your registration, you will get 10MB on your account. You will also be able to compress images through the web interface a single item at once with no restrictions.

OptiPic makes jpeg progressive — this is an additional acceleration of loading jpeg

We always have special offers and provide discounts for our customers. Tell your friends, partners and customers about us and get your bonuses.

How does the image compression plugin work on Drupal

The plugin scans the entire website, finds all website images and compresses them afterwards.

Plugin control is available directly in the personal account of the service.

The compression quality can be adjusted in the plugin settings.

OptiPic easily integrates with other platforms